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Bria Melitta Nuccio is an Oread Priestess of Aphrodite and teacher of ancient religion.

After receiving her degree in Religious Studies in 2016, she continued her studies through graduate school and beyond. Today, she infuses her work with a deep reverence for the mysteries, mythologies, and traditions of her Mediterranean foremothers.

Her teachers have included Priestess Yeshe Matthews of Mt Shasta Goddess Temple, Dr. Stephanie Langin-Hooper of SMU, Dr. Carla Ionescu of The Artemis Research Centre, and countless others she honors in the long line of ancient wisdom.

She has served people around the world through retreats and pilgrimages, birthwork as a doula, Goddess and Hellenic studies, priest/ess training, and divination.

It is her prayer that each person will be transformed by the Mysteries of the Divine, and in doing so, restore sacred connection and healing to Earth.