Do you feel called to the shadowy realms and gods beyond the River Styx?

Journey there in The Deathly Divine, a self-paced course about all things chthonic!

the deathly divine: chthonic worlds and deities of ancient greece

hades and his realm

The Unseen One, Plouton, Great Lord of the Underworld and his abducted Queen Persephone ...

These shadowy gods have frightened and fascinated mortals for thousands of years.

Face-to-face with creatures and companions like the vicious Cerberus and mysterious Hekate, alongside the daring heroes Odysseus and Herakles who sought out chthonic secrets...

We descend together into this elusive world of Ancient Greek Mythology and Religion!

seven modules to explore

  • Miasma, Dying, and the God of Death
  • Landscapes of the Afterlife: Charon and the River Styx, Elysium, and Tartarus
  • Hades: Unseen Lord of the Underworld
  • Persephone: Dread Queen of Hades
  • Divinities Between Realms: Hekate, Hermes, Lampades, and Erinyes
  • The Living and the Dead I: Ancestors, Heroes, and Wandering Shades
  • The Living and the Dead II: Katabasis, Necromancy, Spell and Curse Tablets

In addition to learning the mythology and cultic history of the Underworld, you will cultivate a devotional practice with these gods in their traditional context—learning about Ancient Greek chthonic magic, offerings, prayers, and divination techniques!


Bria Melitta is a Priestess of Ariadne-Aphrodite and founder of the Mt Nysa Mystery School. She is passionate about teaching the rich roots and traditions of Ancient Hellenic Religion!

After receiving her degree in Religious Studies in 2016, she continued her studies in Classical Greek with H.M. Classics Academy, Ancient Hellenic Religion with the Artemis Research Center, and Women’s Mysteries and Priestess Training with the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple.

Bria Melitta is currently pursuing her second Master's Degree in Classical Mediterranean History and Archaeology with the University of Leicester.

"Call upon the age-old Earth and Hermes of the Underworld, escort of the departed. And ask the Zeus of the Underworld to send up the swarm of souls from the night-shrouded mouth of the river, the river whose offshoots is this body of water, gloomy and not fit for the washing of hands, rising up from the streams of Styx."

(Trans. A. H. SOMMERSTEIN, Aeschylus Fragments, Cambridge, 2008.)


Course is entirely online and self-paced, with all lectures and materials available immediately after purchase. No additional materials are required, though tools & alternatives will be suggested.


Cost: $97 USD
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