Sail the wine-dark sea where gods once mingled with mortals, and heroes embarked on their epic quests...

This pilgrimage invites you to explore Naxos, Ios, and Santorini β€” each island a chapter in the love story of Dionysos, Greek god of wine, and Ariadne, legendary princess of the Minoans!

a match made in the heavens


Ariadne: sacred dancer of the palace, royal daughter of Minos, genius behind Theseus' slaying of the Minotaur...

Dionysos: infamous god of wine and ecstasy, whose secret rites liberated those on the fringes of ancient society...

Adventurers. Lovers. Parents. Gods.
The mythos of Dionysos and Ariadne have captured the imagination and devotion of cultures for thousands of years.

Poets have sung of them throughout the Archaic, Classical, and Roman eras. Yet there is evidence that both may have been worshipped in the Cyclades, Crete, and Cyprus as far back as the Bronze Age β€” a testament to their ancient connection with the islands, universal appeal for mortals, and enduring love as immortals.

Today, their divine union lives on in the towering temples and skies of the Aegean.



These islands are renowned for their traditional Cycladic architecture, featuring charming cobbled streets, windmills, and the signature blue-domed churches that stand out against the stark white buildings.

From the golden sands of Naxos to the volcanic shores of Santorini, the beaches of the Cyclades are as diverse as they are stunning, offering crystal-clear waters for swimming and sunbathing.

Each island boasts a wealth of archaeological sites, telling the stories of ancient civilizations and mythological legends that have shaped the Ancient Greek religion.

The Cyclades are not just a visual feast; they’re a cultural journey. Engage with local traditions, savor the Mediterranean cuisine, and immerse yourself in the Greek way of life.

Weather in early June is warm and breezy, ranging from 21-27Β° C, with abundant sun and virtually no rainfall.

31 may

After flying into Naxos, the island where Ariadne and Dionysos first met, we will check into our hotel, relax, have dinner and recite their mythology beneath the stars.

1 june

Our first full day is spacious, sleeping in and enjoying a fresh breakfast at our hotel. Then, we will visit the incredible treasures in the Naxos Archaeological Museum, with lunch and shopping in Old Town. Finally, we will have a sunset procession to the island's most cherished landmark, the Temple of Apollo. Here, we will make offerings and bathe the statues of Dionysos and Ariadne in the sea.

2 june

Next, we will journey inland to honor the Temple of Demeter and Persephone, two other famed goddesses of the Mysteries. From there, we will hike Mount Zas in search of the sacred cave where Dionysos and his father, Zeus, were reared by nymphs. Within (lack of tourists permitting!), we will make offerings and have a ceremony of drumming, dancing, and traditional ecstatic chants to Dionysos.

3 june

We end our time in Naxos by re-consecrating the temenos (sacred boundary) of the Temple of Dionysos, where Dionysos and Ariadne were said to revel in the lush surrounding trees. Then, we hop onto the scenic ferry to Ios, check-in to our next hotel, enjoy the view of Chora's iconic windmills ... and rest!

4 june

The following morning we will visit the Ios Archaeological Museum, where beautiful finds from all periods of Ancient Greece are housed. Then, we journey to the nearby Bronze Age settlement of Skarkos, discussing the Minoan and Mycenaean roots of Dionysos and Ariadne. Finally, we will go in procession to the northernmost tip of the island to make offerings at the Tomb of Homer β€” the poet (or more likely, poets!) who immortalized the oral traditions of our beloved gods.

5 june

Honoring the spirit of Dionysos, patron god of the theatre, as well as Ariadne, princess renowned for her dancing β€” we will pay a visit to the modern theatre Ios Odysseas Elytis. After enjoying more of Ios's tranquil sights and sounds, we will board the ferry south to Santorini β€” breathtaking volcanic island of Ariadne's culture, the Minoans.

6 june

The following day, we will visit the Museum of Prehistoric Thera, before immersing ourselves in the ancient site Akrotiri, "Santorini's Pompeii" β€” a Minoan city frozen in time by volcanic ash (giving rise, in part, to the myth of Atlantis).  We will end the day feasting and honoring Dionysos at one of Santorini's famed vineyards.

7 june

Next, we will make offerings at sanctuary ruins of the many gods and goddesses at the ancient city of Thera β€” Dionysos, Hekate, Apollo, Poseidon, Persephone, Hermes, Tyche, Heracles, Athena, Zeus, and the Egyptian deities Isis, Serapis, and Anubis. To conclude our incredible journey together, we will enjoy a sunset sailing tour of the caldera complete with dinner and wine.

8 june

We will drive to the airport, bidding farewell to Santorini and wrapping up our beautiful pilgrimage together!

Our accommodations are traditional-style boutique hotels and residences located near the sea port of each island. Participants will have a single bed and bathroom in a shared room with one other person. Free WiFi and air conditioning is included at each lodging, along with coffee, water, and light breakfast. Our lodging in Santorini has a spectacular private terrace overlooking the sea, as pictured here.

Please keep in mind that Naxos, Ios, and Santorini are small islands with limited space, and that buildings are built in the traditional Cycladic (cave) style. Accommodations have been chosen with great care, and all major amenities and comforts will be available in these lodgings, but please be prepared for tighter spaces in Santorini in particular.

a journey of discovery


A pilgrimage is not just a tour β€”
it's a sacred odyssey honoring the gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece.

Together we will perform processions, offerings, libations, and prayers. We will sing, drum, dance, chant, feast and read the mythological tales of our ancestors from thousands of years past.

This trip is capped at 4 women for an intimate experience. Within the embrace of these ancient sites, you will share heartfelt moments, tears and laughter as you walk in the footsteps of ancient worshippers and priestesses.

Ancient Hellenic Religion is open to all. If you are new to this tradition but curious and open to the journey, you are welcome to join us!

marina, 2023 crete retreat attendee

"Soulful. My favorite session was the mystery of the labyrinth and the divination night. A truly amazing experience, with incredible people and in the most beautiful location. One of those moments I’ll always keep close to my heart. Forever grateful to have been part of it."

"If I could sum it up in one word, friendship. This experience gifted me with deep, nurturing friendships, a deep sense of acceptance for all that were present and the gifts we bring. I found the experience to be a culmination of alot of inner work and found clarity about who I am as a person/priestess. I would recommend this experience to others that are ready to dive deeply into the priestess path, or wanting to be apart of a deep sisterhood and community."

kirri, 2023 crete retreat attendee

  • 8 night shared-room, single-bed (or private room) accommodation
  • Airport pickup (Naxos) and drop-off (Santorini)
  • Ferry transfer between islands
  • Ground transportation
  • Admission and tours of sites and museums
  • Daily light breakfast, coffee, tea, and water
  • Private boat tour, dinner, and wine (optional) final night

  • Flights to Naxos and from Santorini
  • Lunch and dinner (except final day)
  • Personal excursion or shopping
  • Travel insurance

Questions or inquiries:

pilgrimage application

$2300 USD | Twin Shared Room

$4000 USD | Private Room

$700 non-refundable deposit required. Remainder of payment due by 31 Feburary, 2025.

pilgrimage cost

When you make a deposit or any payments for this Pilgrimage, you understand and agree to the following:

  1. You are contracting us to book international travel accommodations and services on your behalf; please understand that these are not refundable from vendors on our end. For this reason, payments are generally non-refundable. If emergency circumstances arise after registration that prevent you from participating in the Pilgrimage (i.e. family death, extreme weather, national disaster, etc.), we will be happy to review the situation via email ( to consider a partial refund. What constitutes an emergency circumstance is ultimately at the discretion of Mt Nysa; however, every reasonable and fair effort will be made to review your circumstances.
  2. For the above reasons, your deposit may not be refundable, even in cases of emergency and other approved refunds.
  3. In summary: if you withdraw from the Pilgrimage and wish to recoup your full payment, it is your responsibility to find someone to take your space.
  4. We are not liable for problems, delays, or cancellations arising with your flights or ground transportation, nor for any loss, injury or damage to your person or property. We highly encourage you to purchase your own travel insurance.
  5. Traveling to and around the Greek islands, which are remote and largely rural, can be challenging (though it is intensely rewarding)! We ask that you please be culturally sensitive, patient, and adaptable, and communicate any issues or concerns you have as soon as you can. We will always do our best to help you feel comfortable, safe, and empowered on your journey.

Thank you for understanding these Terms which ensure respect for all parties and services you are committing to, including those of our third-party vendors, as we embark on this experience together!



is this pilgrimage only for women?

Yes, this pilgrimage is for women only.

I am completely new to greek religion / don't practice it...can I join?

Yes! If you are curious and open to journeying with us, we are happy to have you. You don't need to participate in rituals if you prefer not to (including libations / the drinking of wine).

What is included in cost?

  • 8 night shared-room, single-bed (or private room) accommodation
  • Airport pickup (Naxos) and drop-off (Santorini)
  • Ferry transfer between islands
  • Ground transportation
  • Admission and tours of sites and museums
  • Daily light breakfast, coffee, tea, and water
  • Private boat tour, dinner, and wine (optional) final night

  • Flights to Naxos and from Santorini
  • Lunch and dinner (except final day)
  • Personal excursion or shopping
  • Travel insurance

which airport should i fly into and when? What about the return trip?

We recommend flying to Athens (ATH) and then taking a connecting flight into Naxos Island National Airport (JNX), though you are also welcome to take the ferry from Athens. We will pick you up from Naxos Airport and transport you to the hotel beginning at 3 PM.

For travel between Naxos and Ios, then Ios and Santorini, we will take a 30-60 minute ferry together. This is arranged and included as part of the pilgrimage cost.

For the return trip, we recommend flying (or taking the ferry) from Santorini Thira International Airport (JTR) back to Athens and then flying home. We will arrange for you to be dropped off at the airport on June 8.

In the months leading up to the pilgrimage, we will host a call to connect, ask questions, go over the flight/ferry plans, itinerary, and packing list.