Join us on an unforgettable journey to the island of Crete, Greece, where the stories of powerful Goddesses come to life...

...and prepare to be immersed in historical splendor, timeless mythology, authentic priestess traditions, and the healing energy of the landscape!

travel back in time an era when the
Goddess reigned supreme.

Our expert guides will lead you to ancient temples, wild beaches, and hidden caves where you'll meet fierce Artemis, the mysterious Snake Goddess, and enchanting Ariadne.

Together, we will drum, feast, make offerings, cleanse ourselves in the sea & sacred springs, and return home more awakened than ever.

experience the magic of crete

The birthplace of the mighty Zeus and home to the mysterious labyrinth of Minotaur, Crete holds an aura of mystical energy.

As Crete’s most celebrated author, Nikos Kazantzakis, once wrote:

“The mystery of Crete runs deep. Whoever sets foot on this island senses a ​mysterious force coursing warmly and beneficently through their veins, ​sensing their soul beginning to grow.”

Explore the breathtaking landscapes, from sun-kissed beaches to rugged mountains, and sense the profound connection between the land and its divine heritage.

Let the soothing waves of the Aegean wash away the hustle and bustle of modern life, and ignite your soul with ancient beauty.

Our accommodations are at Armonia Retreat Center, located in the heart of the ​picturesque mountain village of Douliana, and surrounded ​by stunning nature.

Our tranquil center boasts a gym and traditional sauna. An ancient woodland path is a ​stone's throw away, whilst the mountain ​view is breathtaking, the stars are bright, and the sea is a scenic 40 minute hike. You will share a ​spacious, updated bedroom and ensuite bathroom with ​two to three other people of your gender (one private room available).

A private chef will nourish you with Mediterranean Ayurvedic-inspired meals, and you will also indulge in the delights of local Cretan cuisine, a feast of fresh ingredients and traditional recipes passed down through generations.

Experience the warm hospitality of Crete and nourish your body and soul with the bounty of the land, just as the ancients did.

15 april

After arriving to the beautiful region of Chania, we begin our pilgrimage experience with introductions, a tour of the village, and dinner at Heliostasi, a traditional Greek taverna with incredible sunset views.

16 april

Our first full day is spacious, with sleeping in and enjoying a fresh breakfast beneath the grape vines! After that, we will have an opening ceremony, creating an altar using the stunning natural elements around us, and learning about the history of the Goddess in Greece.

After a refreshing lunch from our private chef, we will pass through ancient olive trees to the cave sanctuary of St. John, where we will pray and make offerings to the primordial snake Goddess of Crete, the Potnia Theron.

With the sun setting, we will make a procession down to wild Kera Beach, bearing the statue of the Goddess and performing cleansing rituals with the salt of the sea. Finally, we will end the day feasting and toasting beneath the stars at Ta Douliana Taverna!

17 april

Next, we journey through the cliffs to the diverse ancient city of Aptera, site of the mythic battle between the Muses and the Sirens. There, Dr. Carla will share her archaeological expertise about the surviving Roman cisterns and bathhouses, Hellenistic necropolis, Byzantine monastery, and Ottoman fortress. We will make offerings at the Classical temple ruins of Artemis and theatre of Dionysus.

Then, we return to Douliana for a nourishing chef-prepared dinner, ending the evening with a Labyrinth Mystery Ceremony of sacred myth, song, and dance (ABBA songs usually make an appearance, too ... what's Greece without a little Mamma Mia?).

18 april

We reach the climax of our pilgrimage as we travel to the Arkoudospilios, which translates to bear cave, once home to a primal temple of Artemis. Here, Dr. Carla will guide us through the hike and sacred history, and Priestess Bria will lead us in an ecstatic drumming ceremony in honor of the Goddess.

Afterward, we will enjoy a breezy lunch in the old Venetian harbor of Chania, with time for shopping and taking in the tranquil sea before a relaxed dinner at the retreat center.

19 april

Our final full day opens with a sunrise sauna cleanse, quiet meditation in the courtyard, and a light and fresh breakfast.

Then, we will journey to breathtaking Kourtaliotiko Gorge, immerse ourselves in its secret mountain waterfalls, gather sacred spring water, and make offerings of thanksgiving to the naiad nymphs.

Upon our return to Douliana, we will enjoy an oracular jewelry show featuring Greek artists Eledina Palasoglou and Daphne Kourkounaki.

Finally, we will close our pilgrimage together with dinner at a local taverna, and depart the following morning with breakfast and blessings of farewell!

a journey of discovery

This pilgrimage is not just a tour—
it's a transformative inner quest.

Engage in guided meditations, rituals, and ceremonies designed to connect you with the essence of each Goddess and her unique legacy.

Gain insights into your own wild nature, inner wisdom, and spiritual gifts, as you embrace the divine feminine within yourself.

As you travel alongside fellow devotees, you'll form a bond of camaraderie that transcends time and space.

Within the embrace of sacred sites and our retreat center, you will share stories, experiences, and laughter as you walk in the footsteps of ancient worshippers and priestesses, creating memories that will stay with you forever.

Dr. Ionescu is a distinguished scholar, ancient historian, and Artemis expert, whose insights have shed light on the mysteries of Artemis in antiquity. Her pioneering work with The Artemis Research Centre and The Goddess Project podcast is expanding the way we understand the ancient world.

As a leading Artemis expert, Dr. Carla Ionescu has published several papers and authored a recent book titled “She Who Hunts – Artemis, The Goddess Who Changed the World”, becoming a respected authority on the subject.

The Goddess Project podcast, another brainchild of Dr. Ionescu, serves as a captivating exploration of ancient goddesses and their relevance to modern times. Through this podcast, she introduces listeners to the multifaceted aspects of these ancient deities, offering fresh perspectives on their significance in contemporary culture and spirituality.

Explore Carla’s latest research, immerse yourself in episodes of The Goddess Project podcast, and delve into the mesmerizing world of Artemis through the lenses of a dedicated expert. Join Dr. Ionescu as she unravels the mysteries of antiquity, revealing timeless wisdom and empowering narratives that continue to resonate with humanity across the ages.

Dr. Carla Ionescu

site tour guide

marina, 2023 crete retreat attendee

"Soulful. My favorite session was the mystery of the labyrinth and the divination night. A truly amazing experience, with incredible people and in the most beautiful location. One of those moments I’ll always keep close to my heart. Forever grateful to have been part of it."

"If I could sum it up in one word, friendship. This experience gifted me with deep, nurturing friendships, a deep sense of acceptance for all that were present and the gifts we bring. I found the experience to be a culmination of alot of inner work and found clarity about who I am as a person/priestess. I would recommend this experience to others that are ready to dive deeply into the priestess path, or wanting to be apart of a deep sisterhood and community."

kirri, 2023 crete retreat attendee

  • 5 night shared-room, single-bed (or private room) accommodation at Armonia Retreat Center
  • Daily breakfast, beverages, and snacks
  • 2 lunches and 2 dinners prepared by private chef
  • Daily ceremonies and workshops
  • Transportation to/from, admission, and tours of ancient sites

  • Airfare
  • Alcohol
  • Lunch 4/17, 4/18; Dinner 4/15, 4/16, 4/19
  • Airport transfer to and from Armonia
  • Personal excursion or shopping
  • Travel insurance
  • COVID testing, if required by your home country

register to join us!

$2000 USD | Twin Shared Room

$3200 USD | Private Room

$800 non-refundable deposit required. Remainder of payment due by March 1.

pilgrimage cost

take the leap..

...unearth the Goddess, and let your spirit soar amidst the enchanting beauty of Crete!

Embark on this transformative journey in 2024, and return home with a renewed sense of sacred purpose, connection, and empowerment.

When you make a deposit or any payments for this Pilgrimage, you understand and agree to the following:

  1. You are contracting us to book international travel accommodations and services on your behalf; please understand that these are not refundable from vendors on our end. For this reason, payments are generally non-refundable. If emergency circumstances arise after registration that prevent you from participating in the Pilgrimage (i.e. family death, extreme weather, national disaster, etc.), we will be happy to review the situation via email ( to consider a partial refund. What constitutes an emergency circumstance is ultimately at the discretion of Mt Nysa; however, every reasonable and fair effort will be made to review your circumstances.
  2. For the above reasons, your deposit may not be refundable, even in cases of emergency and other approved refunds.
  3. In summary: if you withdraw from the Pilgrimage and wish to recoup your full payment, it is your responsibility to find someone to take your space.
  4. We are not liable for problems, delays, or cancellations arising with your flights or ground transportation, nor for any loss, injury or damage to your person or property. We highly encourage you to purchase your own travel insurance.
  5. We will do our best to link up carpools, but transportation to and from Armonia Retreat Center is ultimately your expense and responsibility. If you would like to arrive earlier or leave later, your taxi and hotel fees will be your responsibility.
  6. Bri's 1 year old son may be present, and at times nursing during sessions. Arrangements are in place to ensure that he is not disruptive. However, if you don't want to be around a baby...this might not be the trip for you! :)

Thank you for understanding these Terms which ensure respect for all parties and services you are committing to, including those of our third-party vendors, as we embark on this experience together!


- catrice j.

"For the past 6 weeks, I completely immersed myself into a deeply moving program by Bri Miryam, and it was seriously the best gift I've ever given myself!

I forced myself to look my dark shadow side square in the eye and choose to heal and embrace. Spoiler alert, it was f&*$ing hard! And it's just the beginning of this journey...deep wounds take TIME to heal.

A sovereign PRIESTESS has been uncovered from the ashes and she's standing in her full POWER.

Thank you from the deepest part of my heart! Loved the beautiful container you crafted with APHRODISIA to help me uncover my true priestess!"

“Bri is a kind, gentle soul who looks deep into her clients and sees something other people don’t see. I had only known Bri for 2 days when she looked deep into my soul and saw the core of what I had been struggling with my entire life.

I was amazed at how connected we had become in just a short time. The questions in the workbook stimulate my thought process and encourage me to look deeper into myself as a woman, as a goddess, and most of all, an empress.

I see things in myself now that I didn’t see before I met Bri. I never used the words goddess or empress but now I do. My image of myself has expanded thanks to Bri. I will never see myself as anything less than a goddess or an empress now that I have had this experience.”

- erica w.


is this pilgrimage only for women?

Spirit of the Goddess is open to all!
You will be roomed with other individuals of your gender. If you have concerns or questions about arrangements, please reach out to

I am completely new to greek religion / the goddess path...can I join?

YES! This Pilgrimage will be transformative no matter your knowledge or experience level.

What is included in cost?

  • 5 night shared-room, single-bed (or private room) accommodation at Armonia Retreat Center
  • Breakfast, beverages, and snacks
  • 2 lunches + 2 dinners prepared by private chef
  • Daily ceremonies and workshops
  • Transportation, admission, and tours of ancient sites

  • Airfare
  • Alcohol
  • Lunch 4/17, 4/18; Dinner 4/15, 4/16, 4/19
  • Airport transfer to and from Armonia
  • Personal excursion or shopping
  • Travel insurance
  • COVID testing, if required by your home country

which airport should i fly into and when?

We recommend flying into Chania International Airport (CHQ). The airport is about 40 minutes from our retreat center. In the months leading up to the Pilgrimage, we will send out information on our discounted taxi service and connect you with others who are flying in around the same time for potential carpooling. Check-in begins at 3 PM, with checkout at 11 AM on the final day.