Perhaps the glorious immortals of Greek mythology brought you here...

...and now you feel called to dedicate your life to them and walk the ancient ways.

The only problem is: where to start in this age of overwhelming online information?
What sources should you turn to?

And how can you live out a more authentic and fulfilling polytheism--one that is rooted in ancestral custom and ancient tradition?

Hellenismos basics course

lessons include...

  • The Definition of Ancient Hellenic Religion...and What Defines It!
  • Living a Pious Life: Core Values of Hellenismos
  • Cosmogony: Titans and Olympians
  • The Nature of Gods
  • Chthonic Deities, Heroes, and the Dead
  • Nymphs, Elements, and Daemones
  • Sources for Reconstructing Religion: Cult and Mythology
  • Tutelary Deities, Prayer, and Cultivating Kharis
  • Shrines, Hearths, and Household Worship
  • Approaching the Sacred: Miasma, Lyma, and Katharmos
  • Altars, Sacrifice, and Ritual Structure
  • Ordering the Days: Festivals and Moons
  • Magic and Apotropaic Measures
  • Inspired and Inductive Divination
  • Priest and Priestess Traditions
  • Schools and Alternative Movements
  • The Mysteries of Demeter and Dionysos


Bria Melitta Nuccio is an Oreiad Priestess of Ariadne-Aphrodite and scholar of ancient religion.

After receiving her degree in Religious Studies in 2016, she continued her studies in Classical Greek with H.M. Classics Academy, Ancient Hellenic Religion with the Artemis Research Center, and Women’s Mysteries and Priestess Training with the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple.

Though primarily a Hellenic Reconstructionist, she has hands and feet in other religious communities, and has served people around the world through retreats, doula (birth) work, and divinations.

Bria Melitta is a current candidate in The Classical Mediterranean History and Archaeology M.A. at the University of Leicester.

"Hail, children of Zeus! Grant lovely song and celebrate the holy race of the deathless gods who are for ever, those that were born of Earth and starry Heaven and gloomy Night and them that briny Sea did rear."
Hesiod, trans. Evelyn-White.

Ready to begin your odyssey?

The Hellenismos Basics Course is $49 USD. Upon purchase, students receive immediate access to the full course materials through an online learning platform. Course may be accessed on both desktop and mobile.

Please reach out to Bria Melitta with any course inquiries at

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“I first came across Mt Nysa Mystery School as what I would consider a divine blessing: I knew I was interested in connecting with Hellenism but needed the guidance to know where to start in a very heavily academic field. My mentorship has been thoughtfully constructed based on my interests and goals, with a strong foundation in ancient sources coupled with space to be creative. The mentorship has inspired me in my devotional practice ... deepened my knowledge in Hellenic praxis, and assisted me in finding my own individual path in this beautiful ancient religion. For anyone interested in the study of ancient religion, particularly Hellenismos, this is the place to be. With the freedom to explore your own path, coupled with the approachability of Priestess Bria Nuccio and her incredible knowledge and enthusiasm, I would thoroughly recommend to you.”